1. Rehabilitation, crowding

SKY can assure the highest standard in rehabilitation and collection of waste materials and liquid solid, contaminated with hydrocarbons. With the staff development, who knows and follows strictly the process, as well as the technical side. SKY is the distributor who can solve the problems for the customers fast and effectively. We can offer waste labeling and transportation, because of our presence in strategic places.

2. Pollution transport

SKY offers some services in a platform leader. We have added to our range of services even the transportation of solid waste, urban wastewater and their sludge. This increases our values and our customer care.

3. Import – Export

Thanks to our team of specialists, tools that we possess as well as domestic and international partnerships, we are able to offer a great stretch of regional products and our services. Import-export and wholesale trade of crude oil, different fuels and their derivatives, Inerts, Heavy machines, Special road transports, etc.

4. National and international transport

We recently are powerful national and international transporters of the gross oil, fuels, their by-products, fuel, chemicals, and oils lubricants. Not only, but our greatest responsibility and our seriousness has a particular focus on the transport and industrial water and other hazardous substances.

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